Rose Mountain Photo is part of a L3C Mission Based Company. We are here to support and encourage; Women, Men, and Children in pursuing their careers and education in the Arts, educating people on how to build, live in, and run micro-communites, grow organic food, install solar panels, wind power, encourage the use and invention of environmental friendly products, to develop a self sustainable way of living, and connecting with those that are interestsed in joining us, contributing to or helping with our mission. We are currently working on raising funds to buy a piece of land in Colorado to build a safe place, retreat, farm, educational ranch, and music venue in Colorado to futher our mission. A percentage of all proceeds from photo sales, photoshoots, and projects, is invested into our mission and cause as well as to other like minded non profit organizations and local communities.

We also work in conjuction with Buddha Heart Shop, which is a collective of Women creating art to support their families, which is also part of the L3C and same mission.

Our journey together is based on understanding that we are all related, that we are here to help one another live a more fulfilled and blessed life in any way we can, by spreading love. We believe that everyone deserves, peace, love, happiness, education, and kindness in their lives and help through their struggles to create a better life in order to follow their passion to live a fulfilled life. Creativity and imagination is embedded in our souls and enhances and expands our lives to it's fullest. When we engage in being creative, using our imagination, living more self substainable lives, educating one another, and opening up our hearts, we can share what we are meant to with the world and make this world a better place. We believe in working together, as that is our biggest strength as human beings.  

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